Our Ministries

Ushers are the door keepers in the Church. They ensure all worshipers receive a warm welcome and assists worshippers who may need help. They ensure the general keeping of order for persons who come to participate in Worship services and other activities at CFIC.

The Cell Ministry provides home based bible study in small groups. It provides classes for scriptural teachings, instructions and Bible based principles prepared into outlines for study in various groups serving all ages.

This ministry ensures that the church hall or venue of meeting and the general surrounding of the place of worship are kept clean, decorated (where necessary) and orderly at all times.

The Life application ministry is to bring life, educational, professional and business mentoring to people based on Biblical and time tested principles.

The Creative Ministry are a highly energetic group of individuals who are committed to using their gifts and talents to glorify God, edify the church and to win souls for Christ.

The power and sound ministry are a passionate group of people who provides well organized equipments, adequate/appropriate sound production for every service and ensures proper lightning.

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    The 'Forever glorious' is a group of women propelled to live a spirit-filled prosperous life. Women are encouraged to be virtuous women as described in Proverbs 31.

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    The 'Men of Purpose' is an active and dynamic group of spirit-filled men whose purpose is to assist men in their spiritual growth, and to motivate them to be effective in their activities or calling as men.

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    This ministry incorporates both information technology and print. It is a group of very talented members of CFIC who are responsible for the design and update of the church website, visual aid for services / meetings via multimedia projection and also produce digital and paper publications.

Prayer and Intercessors Ministry

The Intercessors Ministry are members of CFIC who commit time for prayer and intercession for the needs of the church.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach ministry is a group of passionate people who are committed to fulfill the great commission in Matt. 28:19-20 Reaching out to people with the gospel

Protocol And Logistics Ministry

This ministry entails program planning and organizing. Routine protocol duties within the Church premises during services and meetings.

Welfare and Helps Ministry

The Welfare ministry is a group of good-spirited saints who provide relief and temporal support.

Campus Ministry

This is an outlet of our ministry where we get to creatively reach out and influence young people on the campuses with a aim to Present Jesus to them

Singles Ministry

The Single's Ministry comprises of young unmarried men and women. These young people are nurtured and taught to maximize their youthful days.